Accra Polytechnic has produced and still produces numerous noble graduates per each academic calendar year, In this regard the institution has an established department which aims at attracting and holding the interest of past students in the institution’s activities of growth and development, by offering services that brings the alumni closer to the Polytechnic, it also aims at offering support mechanisms for alumni networking, adding value to the alumni and the Polytechnic while engineering mutual bond with the Polytechnic to build a lasting beneficial relationship. The alumni department also gives the opportunity for members to reconnect with lost friends and colleagues, contribute their own quota of suggestions and donations, and other voluntary services to aid the development of Accra Polytechnic.


To facilitate and organize interactions, build relationships between the alumni and the polytechnic; in the interest of coordinating and sustaining the polytechnic’s ability to develop and sustain a commitment of excellence.


We bridge that gap between Accra Polytechnic and its Alumni by providing the alumni with free and continuous access to the institution and its activities and in doing so have created the platform for them to get in touch with lost friends and meet for reunions.

The department helps with networking students for business and other types of relationships through occasional job postings for some unemployed members and linking members to some job agencies.

We have over the years, provided free career advice from the Alumni Relations office up to three years after graduation and constantly acknowledge and congratulate members in good standing or with new achievements in society. We attend to all forms of enquiries that emanate from members regarding current happenings on campus.


The department performs many activities which includes

The provision of a medium by which interest in the Polytechnic shall be promoted among the Polytechnic’s alumni wherever they may be,
Provide opportunities for the alumni to make positive contributions towards the development of the Polytechnic and the enhancement of her influence among the people of Ghana,
Perpetrate individual acquaintances and friendship and thereby bind the alumni into a united fellowship for the social wellbeing of all members,
Collaborating with other departments to serve the general interest of the school, and
Job posting for some unemployed members and linkages to some job agencies.
Career advice from the Alumni Relations office up to three years after graduation
Socialization and Networking for business and other types of relationships.
Provision of logistics and the organization of Alumni programmes and Activities.

We collaborate with other departments to serve the general interest of the school.


The department in its attempt to reach more members has made a request for bulk SMS services to be able to reach members easily. The department has also increased the sale of souvenirs over the last few years.


The alumni Office hopes to overcome the current challenges confronting it and also engineer the establishment and growth of the regional groups which will spearhead Accra Polytechnic Alumni agenda in their respective regions.


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