The Public Relations department of the Polytechnic performs the responsibility of ensuring the building and maintenance of mutual lines of communications, understanding, acceptance and co-operations between Accra Polytechnic and its various publics based on truth, full information and responsible performance. We delight in bettering effective communications efforts with our students, donors, neighboring communities among other publics.

The Public Relations Department is the official source of institutional news, information, expert sources and the Polytechnic wide-events

To engineer a sustained positive image for Accra Polytechnic
To ensure an effective dissemination of information to all Accra Polytechnic publics
Pro Communication – we believe that the public (s) have the right to know.
Positive Outlook – we uphold professionalism in the midst of the storms- SMILE.
Ethics – desiring to do the right thing, at the right time and place and willing to take risk.

As the official mouthpiece of the Polytechnic, the department engages in the internal and corporate pro3communication for Accra Polytechnic. It also performs other functions such as:
Plan, develop and implement public relations strategies
Observe environment (scanning) and report on trends that may cause reputation/image challenges
Manage the institution’s image and reputation,
Prepare and supervise the production of publicity/marketing materials,
Prepare, edit and update information on institution’s website,
Manages all Media Relations activities,
Coordinate education fairs and exhibitions
Liaise with HR and other departments to keep employees abreast of activities,
Manage formal /special events,
Community Relations,
Protocol services,
Maintain institution archives

Public Relations /Marketing Strategies

Reputation accounts for a larger portion of an institution’s market capitalization and the most important long term asset.
The broader effort of the Public Relations Department is to support institutional departments and top pro2leadership plan, develop and implement communication and marketing strategies to promote the Polytechnic and build a sustainable positive presence of the Polytechnic.

Media Relations
The Public Relations Department works to acquire extensive media coverage with news stories and features for the institution’s activities and events.

Media Enquires
The Department manages all media enquires and facilitate interviews for and with the appropriate experts.

In house Media
Internally, the PR Department promotes departmental events, research and other news via the media: online Polytechnic site, intranet, infoBridge, APoly Teller and others.

We cover your activities in photo, print and possibly video. We develop communication and marketing materials such as institutional fliers, catalogues, newsletters, bulletins, diaries and calendars.
So let us know about the outstanding work being undertaken at the Polytechnic, the schools and departments.

Internal Communication
The Public Relations department ensures the flow of information in the Polytechnic. We bring the students, faculty and staffs with up-to-date certified information they are suppose to know.
Being teamed by a communication expert of vast experience and many years of practice, the staffs of the Public Relations Department are from varied backgrounds of specialized communication; from strategic communication, journalism to communication design.


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